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Homosexual discrimination in football


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How many top athletes worldwide are openly gay? And how were their coming outs received? Inthe issue of homosexuality in sport is still taboo "Homosexual discrimination in football" creates discomfort among both players and fans. Recent surveys indicate that in a number of countries, the public is more accepting of gay athletes. The World Cup is being held in Russia, a country that is seen as particularly homophobic. Homosexual discrimination in football year he completed a documentary, Footballer and Gay: The process Lemaire describes is similar to that found in North American contextswith three stages.

Finally, after the announcement the strongest impression is generally surprise at not being excluded. The much-feared storm fails to erupt. But heterosexist culture persists, meaning that many players eventually withdraw of their own volition, no longer able to tolerate it. He came out eight years earlier, but his doing so had the opposite of the intended effect.

He was obliged to switch clubs several times.

During the second half of the 19th century, sport became an independent practiceseparated from other social activities. The normalisation of heterosexuality is an inherent part of that history. Engaging in sports implies the desexualisation of the human body, the neutralisation of its erotic power. Contact Homosexual discrimination in football other bodies is functional, and sexuality is set aside. Collective manifestations of joy in football — after a goal is scored or a match won — are no exception to this.

They are ritualised expressions that, from the perspective of those performing them, are in no way sensual.