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Padraic joyce wife sexual dysfunction


Unless you're George Hook - the first rule of the erectile dysfunction club is that you don't talk about erectile dysfunction.

ED, formerly known as impotence can affect men of any age, but is mainly associated with getting older. About half of all men aged 40 to 70 suffer with it to some extent - rising to seven out of ten men aged 70 and older. Most men have it occasionally when they're tired, stressed or with excess alcohol use, but for some it's persistent and recurring. There are multiple causes of ED, which break down broadly "Padraic joyce wife sexual dysfunction" physical and psychological, but reduced blood flow to the penis is responsible for seven out of ten cases.

Circulation to the penis is reduced by narrowing of the Padraic joyce wife sexual dysfunction, so it is associated with high BP, smoking, raised cholesterol and age. It often occurs, therefore, in men who also have heart disease and problems with circulation to their legs.

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