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Best hostel to hook up


With vacation-sex on the brain, high blood-alcohol-levels and lost inhibitions, one would think that even Dick Cheney could get laid, if his alien penis was not floating in a jar of formaldehyde at Area Rarely are logistics to hook up with foreigners as good as they are in hostels.

But Best hostel to hook up are these girls that frequent these dream-factories? And really how many of them are hot? Hostels attract backpackers, and backpackers have many faces, but the girls you are looking for are hard to find in hostels. The Facebook generation are looking to have fun and lots of it. An appetite for sex with foreigners and a thirst for large quantities of cheap liquor is the only prerequisite.

Will spend equal amounts of time partying and updating Facebook profile about partying.

Some are hotties, but this group is younger and dumber. Definitely a possibility for some hot girls. Just as ducks fly south for winter, college students migrate to traditional spring and summer break hotspots.

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It can be important to know where certain nationalities choose to spend their university breaks. Looking to have fun and experience the world; spending time abroad should be a mandatory component for every major.

The preferred degree of many girl backpackers is worthy of its own category; naturally these girls can be hot too.

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The only problem is that many have just graduated so be prepared to have some pretentious conversations about Renaissance art and so forth. Nowadays it feels like every second girl you speak to in a hostel is a vegetarian, but feminist vegetarians are something else altogether.

Remember, charm is like kryptonite with these girls. The wanderer is tough to define; their hotness is a lottery. The wanderer is looking Best hostel to hook up love or something to keep them from going home. They are either really wild body shots and carpe dieming every sexual advance or withdrawn reading Best hostel to hook up Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, in a day as they begin to get over their last relationship.

These are the girls that bring their curling irons and suitcase-sized make up kits to a hostel. How do they look so good in a hostel? What every hostel is looking for: Generally, girls like this travel in groups, safety in numbers and what not.

There is no way they can travel by themselves; even in a group they would still be harassed constantly in many countries. Just like any bar, these girls get hit on constantly. Much, much better chances to be that buddy if you stay longer and make friends with the rest of the hostel staff. Hot girls are treated like rock stars. Like I mentioned, hot girls are treated like rare gems at hostels and guys try to cordon them off like a crime scene. The hostel staff are often some of the biggest culprits.

They know the shortage of these girls and go out of their way to make these girls feel at home… in their bed. You may find a great hostel for 30 ringgits in Kuala Lumpur and praise your bargain hunting ability. Hell, even the hippies might give it a miss. Party hostels are like brands and not surprisingly they are going to attract girls who like to party. Stereotyping, yes, but of course there are exceptions. Talk to people and do your own research for places that are conducive with parties or conducive for the atmosphere you want.

Really chilled places are also a good choice. Different types of backpackers travel to different parts of the world.

But then again, there are always local girls. The average girl becomes hot principle. Sourcing examples both from my time working in a hostel and my own travel experience, I have witnessed many a guy go back with many a swamp donkey as he lost his balance on the tight rope of horniness and alcohol consumption.

Average girls will be more attractive in the traveling environment; this is in part to the disproportionate number of men to women and of course excess alcohol and drugs.

Unless she jumps on you, ease up on the sleaze. Picking up a girl in the hostel during the day must be a hostel-faux pas. I think a lot of the attraction is built during the day, from the hostel breakfast to walking between rooms. Eyes here, Best hostel to hook up talk there, but it would take a lot of stones to go for it.

Because if she rejects your advances, then you will have become that guy.