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Italian metallers Merendine Atomiche formed eleven Equilibra prodotti online dating ago. They released a couple of demos, including a tribute to Metallica disc in Their first official release was the e. Three years later, their thrashing Walk Across Fire represented their full length debut. I thought Walk Across Fire was a decent album, but I've never felt the urge to listen to it again, I definitely feel Raw is an improvement.

From the start "In the Cage"Merendine Atomiche focus on groove.

I prefer songs like "Roads and Beers" and "We Didn't Know" which see Luca Zandarin singing instead of trying to sound tough, although he does the same on the lifeless ballad "Oceans Shadows. American core magazine Usa. ANGER sessions for maximum metal output.

It almost has that glam sound with some of the vocals, but the music is much more chugga chugga metal. You may hear this on the Mosh Pit! Esce a distanza Equilibra prodotti online dating tre anni dal debutto Walk Across Fire e a prima battuta ci si rende conto che si discosta dalle origini del primigenio riffing conformandosi al moderno: La produzione rende onore a questo lavoro: Ricercata la parte iniziale della successiva Peace Means War?

Un album denso di sostanza, ma che non identifica bene le idee. Yeah, that's "Raw" in a nutsack. These guys have been around for eleven freaking years, and surprisingly this is the first I've heard of them. My ears are being punished for not being near enough to the underground as we speak.

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I'm actually quite impressed by this album. Production is pretty stellar props to Mr.

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Equilibra prodotti online dating This is another album that knows how important bass and drums are to laying down a solid foundation for the vocals and guitar to climb all over. Luca drums and Drome bass work together like bricklayers with a serious case of the groove.

That lets Zanda vocalsSigers and David guitars go nuts in a controlled and heavy way. Zanda's got a killer voice see "Oceans Shadows", the mellow cut on the album and he's at his best belting out songs like "Roads and Beers", or the title track. Okay, so to me, it sounds like he's saying "Row!

"Equilibra prodotti online dating" also the guy who thought that when Lifeson said "Subdivisons! David's lead guitar work is quite good A nice riff, groovy bass and drums, then it makes off just a bit while Zanda whispers something about zero degrees and snow before rearing back and letting loose his voice on top of some nice heavy riffing.

The composition rarely goes where you would expect it to, which is pleasant in the extreme; when there's a slight breakdown before the very nice solo, it comes off as more thrash than metalcore.

Zanda sounds snarly, pissed, and in your face; there's even a bit of good metallic hardcore urgency to this song, expertly balanced by some angular riffing. What, they know about sex in Italy? Gotta love Zanda's accent! Ok, so I dug this album. Good stuff, much more original than some of the other Italian metal I've reviewed recently. If I had in control over what plays on the radio, I'd add this to my playlist in a heartbeat.

And Lordi won Eurosong this year As for their music, Merendine Atomiche once released a Metallica tribute EP, and they have a definite thrash influence. I wouldn't call them an outright thrash band, because their sound has a strong modern metal and hard rock feel.

The dual guitars are the showpiece of the band, and their thick riffs and solos are the strongest part of the album. This CD has a Equilibra prodotti online dating of radio friendly songs and even a decent ballad that's a good change of pace. Italian thrash veterans Merendine Atomiche are back again, with their new release entitled Raw.

The band sees this release as a new direction for fans of their musical style and a great place to start for people that are hearing them for the first time.

Raw was produced by veteran lead guitarist Jack Frost Equilibra prodotti online dating, Seven Witchesand represents them finally believing they have reached their full potential. It is straight forward and intense in its approach Equilibra prodotti online dating hardcore riffs and solid vocals from Luca Zandarin. This song is straight up metal with traditional eerie vocals and slow heavy riffs and a long spirited guitar solo by David Bisson.

The title track is harder and edgier with more death styled vocals. Power riffs give way to another sweet ass solo from Bisson before more death vocals blend into the thrash drums of Luca Cerardi as the track comes to an end. The riffing of Luca Securo here meets the world of acoustic guitars and soft gentle singing before more power is introduced into the fray.

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Once again Bisson gets dirty and mach 3 nasty on a guitar solo to end the track. A thrash metal solo ala Rocky George of Suicidal Tendencies puts this song into even higher levels. This song is pure hardcore with heavy riffs and deliberate vicious vocals ripping through the track from start to finish. Up next is the crazy track that is more rock then metal in the mold of Jackyl. This track includes a melodious solo by Bisson and a ton of fun. By anyway that albums are measured, this one is successful.

It's available in the States and Canada on Equilibra prodotti online dating. East coast romper usa ok! Horrorwood blabbeon usa ok!

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Hey, whatta ya know? Some refreshing new raw Italian power metal in the form of Merendine Atomiche. It's easy to hear some old school Pro Pain, Prong influence, as well as some Black Label Society and possibly Damageplan in the newest offering from these Italian veterans. Highly recommended stuff here I have a feeling bigger horizon's are in store for these guys. Sea of tranquillity usa ok!

I love it when Equilibra prodotti online dating promotional CD arrives in the mail that I know nothing about and yet still manages to completely knock me on my ass! Merendine Atomiche is a five-man thrash metal assault force from Italy that packs quite a wallop on RAW, their second full-length album.