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As a single woman in New York, I can't go more than a few hours without hearing a dating horror story from a friend -- or living through a nightmare myself. But if I came back to his place, he could use his nose spray and we could crack open a bottle of wine there! That's when he took Online dating cross country his pants. On top of that, we single city women are up against a numbers game.

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There aremore single women in dateable ages in the city than single dudes. The odds are never in our favor. Typically, the startup uses modern-day matchmakers to set up hopeful singles on both one-on-one and group dates, using individual feedback to improve future matches.

This time, she wanted to try something more drastic, and " Cross-Country Love: The tone of the trip was nervous at first -- and not without reason.

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We participants had already been pigeonholed into a specific category of unsavory women, and the trip itself was being watched by the media with scrutiny. Before taking off, we had been likened to WWII "comfort women, " " skanks who want to marry millionaires ," and women who " will travel for hookup.

As we all piled jet-lagged into our hotel rooms, I surveyed the group of women I'd be spending the weekend with. We were photogenic and diverse to be sure -- ranging from earlys to mids, with careers from actress to firefighter and speech therapist to yoga instructor. Some were looking for love, some for fun, and some were simply looking for whatever the Online dating cross country coast had to offer.

I fell squarely in the last camp. In spite of just having met that morning, we had already sunken into the territory of well-worn friendship: As food arrived, we ransacked five pizzas and salads alike -- all with our bare hands. Comfort women, we most certainly were not. Professional escorts would have been appalled "Online dating cross country" our lack of dining tact. But with cheese hanging from our mouths, it slowly dawned on us: The Dating Ring had promised each of us two pre-arranged, totally blind dates to take place on Thursday and Friday nights.

On Saturday, we were left to our own devices, mingling at a private party both for donors and then all of TDR's San Fran network. Here, San Francisco prevailed.

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I was not fed cheesy lines or back-handed compliments, wasn't insulted, stood up and not a single man surprised me by getting naked mid-date. Honestly, each of my nights was fantastic in its own right.