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Avinash and shrenu dating divas

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The reports suggested the couple is facing compatibility issues and are set to file for a divorce. There were also reports of Avinash being a wife-beater.

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It is absolutely untrue. Yes, we are having certain issues in marriage. And we are trying our best to sort things out. Having said this, we are the best of friends even today. And yes, I am not a wife-beater. Well, it is life, and problems in relationships do creep up at times.

We are having basic compatibility issues and whatever it is, it is mutual. But problems are not such that we are just ending it today. We are in a position today where we are trying our best to sort it out.

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We stay together and have no grudges or hatred in our relationship. All that is being claimed is rubbish. We are having issues and we are trying to level things.

The people who are involved in this are me, Avi, his parents and my parents.

This is our personal problem and we will figure a way for it which will be the best for both of us. There is absolutely no bad blood between me and Avi. The poor guy has never ever raised his finger at me, leave alone beating me. He is one of the sweetest and gentlest people you will ever find.

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