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Dating lascaux cave paintings

The discovery of the monumental...

Megaloceros from Lascaux Cave Paintings dated between 41, and 12, B. The 36,year-old art in Pech Merle in France is one the oldest in Europe. Other old paintings, dating back 27, years, are found in Cosquer Dating lascaux cave paintings near Marseilles, entered via and underwater route, and Chauvet Cave See See Separate Article.

The youngest are around 10, years old. The cave art in Europe falls into three general categories: Jonathan Jones wrote in The Guardian: When Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola claimed in that paintings in Altamira cave in Spain were prehistoric, he was mocked and reviled as a faker.

Gradually their antiquity was recognised but it was only when tremendous depictions of animals were found at Lascaux in France in that cave art exploded into modern culture. Today, it is at the heart of thinking about human evolution because it seems to illuminate the birth of the complex cathedral of the modern mind.

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Jonathan Jones, The Guardian February 23, ]. The caves where the paintings are found are very dark.

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