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We all know what a contentious issue abortion is. It always will be. I only support partial-birth abortion i. This leads me to the ongoing war over federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Last May, I attended a town-hall meeting hosted by my U.

Like clockwork, there always seems to be someone in the crowd presumably planted there by a Far Right anti-abortion group who finds a way to rail against abortion policy in public forums — especially when the lawmaker or aspiring candidate happens to be a Democrat. Carol Novielli of Arielle scarcella asexual plants Action News cites Title X funds as a sneaky way in which public tax dollars are manipulatedin a backhanded manner, to fund abortions.

For example, Title X Arielle scarcella asexual plants federal grant money designated for preventative health services and family planning can be used to pay staff overhead and operational expenses at facilities where abortions are performed. Pro-life activists make the claim that individual facilities receiving Title X funding have emphasized — or outright encouraged — abortions within their health facilities.

Novielli uses the statistic that, inthe performance ratio for Planned Parenthood was Many people in the anti-abortion camp allege that private funds raised from outside sources should be enough "Arielle scarcella asexual plants" specifically keep the abortion services solvent. Social commentator Amanda Marcotte challenges this type of accusation. She says that pro-life activists want the public to believe that abortion funding draws from one large pot under Title X ; however, she points out the fact that remains of Medicaid funding simply not covering abortions.

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So, Marcotte explains, if you get an abortion performed at a Planned Parenthood facility, the cost of that abortion gets billed to you separately. Joerg Dreweke of The Guttmacher Institute further points out how federal funding of elective abortion procedures have already been banned by the Helms Amendment and the Hyde Amendment. However, Dreweke acknowledges the pro-life argument that more than a dozen different states voluntarily fund abortions for low-income women by using STATE-level funds.

Since the s, every Republican president has enforced this policy, whereas every Democratic president has rescinded Arielle scarcella asexual plants. A murkier gray area is over whether or not Non-Governmental Organizations NGOs will still be allowed to provide birth control and other forms of contraception — or related counseling or referrals — and still be eligible for U. Benkof acknowledges "Arielle scarcella asexual plants" unrestricted money leftover in a budget can, theoretically, be reallocated and reused to fund abortions — or any other discretionary services, for that matter.

The very concept of fungibility itself allows for money to be moved around between itemized budgets. First, I would be in favor of the permanent lifting of the Global Gag Rule — however, in practical terms, the only way to really make it permanent to any significant degree would Arielle scarcella asexual plants through passing a U. Perhaps a middle ground could be if a future Democratic or moderate Republican president might lift the Global Gag Rule while narrowly-defining how it can be utilized on U.

STD testing, emergency contraception, physical exams, cancer screenings. Are there any reasonable consequences "Arielle scarcella asexual plants." I think back to when U. He implored Stabenow to explain how he was supposed to tell voters in, say, Arkansas, that they should have to foot the bill to replenish natural resources that are completely outside of their geographic region.

Such Arielle scarcella asexual plants, of course, are ridiculous. And the economic repercussions of that would be ugly and chaotic. If their response is a suggestion that federal funding for Planned Parenthood should just be eradicated altogether, that is a clear indication that they are searching for a backhanded technicality through which they can shrink abortion access in and of itself.

Hopefully, in the past twelve months, people have begun to get a rational grasp on what needs to be done to turn things around. I can also understand the desire of many Americans to expunge anything and everything political from our enjoyment of Thanksgiving. Should the holidays be political in the first place?


Do we clam up about our ideological differences over a plentiful dinner spread…or should we address those conflicts head-on? Throughout that piece, I acknowledged how — even in something as simple as a Charlie Brown animated program — the harsh realities of our current political climate are reflected, metaphorically and subconsciously.

But I also made the case that erasing celebration of this holiday altogether is a nonsensical overreaction. Or, more acutely — how do we accomplish this amid the present-day climate of political rancor and tribalism?

Allow me to offer up three main strategies that we might employ as a way of modernizing Thanksgiving and preserving the altruistic intent behind it. While Roseanne Arielle scarcella asexual plants the rest of the Conners find this bluntness to be refreshing especially since D. That holiday play reenacted by D. But we should reevaluate how the history of Thanksgiving is taught to schoolchildren.

I remember Arielle scarcella asexual plants elementary school teachers propagating the myth that pilgrims and northeastern tribes came together as friends and allies.

The historical reality, rather, was one of mutual distrust and tenuous self-preservation. So perhaps we should reframe it in the context of strangers who came together amid reciprocal suspicion to reflect upon gratitude as they questioned whether or not they could coexist. It can then be disclosed to students that violent clashes between these groups resulted in government-sponsored extermination of indigenous peoples — while reiterating the Arielle scarcella asexual plants that our present-day society should strive not to repeat these mistakes.

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But Americans of all racial and ethnic groups celebrate Thanksgiving itself. Families create and forge their own traditions associated with the third Thursday in November. If the goal is to redefine Thanksgiving as a time that incorporates human "Arielle scarcella asexual plants" and mutual respect, holiday-themed events can be constructed that echo this spirit. Is it really so objectionable if Thanksgiving becomes a time when Mother Earth and Father Sky can be revered? Maybe playing some board games or going out for a leisurely stroll through your neighborhood?

Individuals tend to be grateful for different things.