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Cuauhtemoc chihuahua mexico

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The population in was just under 3, composed almost entirely of Mexicans with the exception of foreign-born people who have come there as traders.

The Mennonites settled in the San Antonio Valley, as far as km 75 mi.

The growth of the Mennonite population due to natural increase and to additional immigration from Canada stimulated its economic activities. A small cereal factory was established by non-Mennonites, while a large cheese factory, slaughterhouse, and ice plant were erected by Mennonites the Redekops Cuauhtemoc chihuahua mexico the town.

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A four-lane highway, completed inconnected the city with the city of Chihuahuathe state capital. Anahuac, where a large pulp mill is located.

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The Gran Vision highway, which is to be continued to the west coast through the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, joins the city to the western hinterlands, and another highway leaving Cuauhtemoc chihuahua mexico city passes through the Mennonite colonies to the north Manitoba Colony.

The apple industry, introduced to the area by a former Old Colony MennoniteEnrique Wiebe, has contributed much to the rapid growth of the city. The influx of American industry in the mids, is also attracting people from all over the Republic. Doctors, dentists, and lawyers abound.

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