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Quest diagnostics employee handbook


Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Quest Diagnostics? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits?

Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers? Be prepared to work LOTS of overtime. The people I worked with were outstanding. As I said, the people I worked with were great, but I refuse to work for a company I cannot trust after unauthorized release of confidential information! What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Quest Diagnostics? People have to bring extra clothing as there is poor regulation of heat and cooling.

Everybody must wear blue tyvek lab coats. This policy is very bad for morale. If you have a radio or iPod-bring it so Quest diagnostics employee handbook will not be tempted to talk to anyone. You Quest diagnostics employee handbook be offered a Monday-Friday position. Plan to be asked to work overtime every weekend and most holidays.

Plan to work lots of overtime. Director in Henderson, Nevada. Great place to work, open friendly, informal and collegial. I have worked at Quest for a little over a year and thoroughly enjoy the management team, pathologists, and lab technical staff. Highly recommend Quest Las Vegas.

Great environment for pathologists. Dendro in Shawnee, Kansas. I worked at Quest for about a year and a half.

It is the opinion of the men working in my area, that it is amazing that I lasted as long as I did considering the obvious gender bias that is rampant in this workplace. In my work area alone, there are almost twice as many women employed as men. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a biased attitude towards men in general. Men are punished for practices that many, if not most, workers engage in.

reviews from Quest Diagnostics employees...

Women Quest diagnostics employee handbook general, however, seem to go unscathed and in fact, are promoted to higher levels. Additionally, during my tenure at Quest, the only employees to have been terminated in my area have been male, effectively adding to the already-skewed ratio.

I, myself, know of two males that were not terminated but resigned from Quest due to the pressures placed on them as male workers. When this universal attitude is coupled with the obvious female-specific leniency displayed, it's easy to see how the male worker can feel overwhelmed and intimidated. Additionally, whenever supervisors, whether male or female, are given "authority", those supervisors should be monitored for effectiveness in management as well as coached on the definition of "hostile work environment".

In short, a typical day in the life of a Quest Diagnostics employee can depend heavily on your gender. Also, new rules recently. Any mistakes made will result in write-ups. Very afraid of what they call the " legal aspects" of firing someone, Quest diagnostics employee handbook with warrant. Recently, have just upped the productivity target. Used to be 25 patients per phleb. Where they came up with that? It's called a good reason to start cutting people. I work at a patient service center where morale is terrible.

Definitely not people driven. Too concerned with buying up all of the competition rather than doing what we do and doing it Quest diagnostics employee handbook, so that people want to come to us.

Seems to have gone down hill working there since change of CEO couple years ago. Every couple years gets taken in a new scheme to promote work morale, which I'm sure they pay heftily for. I work here now, simply because the pay is a little better than some other labs, but now a place I want to be forever.

They have employee surveys every year-mandatory, for about the last 4 years. If they don't like how the surveys turn out, your next up supervisor actually comes to your department, something that happens maybe two to three times a year, to give you a speech on "Quest diagnostics employee handbook" you were unhappy you should have let her know- only to tell you that you'll be required to take the survey again- hopefully with a more positive mind frame.

This company is so phony. Really wants to be a good place to work- but has no clue on how to go about it.

Billing Information & Customer Service

Steve in Hendersonville, Tennessee. I worked in sales with Quest Diagnostics, I actually was working for another lab that got bought by Quest. Quest is a great company with great pay, Quest diagnostics employee handbook it comes at a price. The number one priority when working for a company that deals with patients health care should be the patient. But at Quest the rankings on Wall Street are number one. Patients actually come last.

So what if they forget a pickup at a doctors office or the patients sample gets lost. Who gets hurt, the Quest diagnostics employee handbook. They don't care if the patient is eighty years old and has limited means of returning to the doctors office to have the sample recollected, this would mean money out of Quest pocket if they had to send an employee to the patient.

Employee Advantages. Pay and benefit...

And so what if the patient is going to be charged for that return visit because of an error at Quest, the patient will still be charged even though they are taking time out of their schdule or their caregivers schdule the Quest mentality is that the patient was not charged the first time.

Now in sales if you lost an account because of errors that Quest as made you will be told that you should have had a better relationship with the account so they would not Quest diagnostics employee handbook left. I had an account that Quest report out a positive Hepatitis C on a patient. About a week later Quest sent a new report out with no explanation saying the result was negative.

My calls to the medical director at Quest and also the doctors calls were not returned, so the client took his business to LabCorp. On my yearly review I was dinged because of this. If you work for Quest you will no longer have a name especially in sales, instead you will be given a sales id which will be your new identity.

The shareholders are only hearing the Quest side of the story when they should be taking note of what the employees have to say. I work at the lab in saint louis and it isn't so bad. The worst, most unethical company I have ever worked for. Everything I have read from my fellow co-workers that have posted at this site is true. You have to work Quest diagnostics employee handbook all the time because of the lack of staffing.

Then when review time comes around you get popped for working to much overtime and get accused of not working effectively.

We pride ourselves on creating...

The management is top heavy and ignorant. Too much redundant paper work.

The Code of Ethics describes...

Patients are certainly not a priority at Quest. They have these stupid wait time surveys they make you do and complain if patients have to wait more than 20 minutes.

Then management will complain if any mistakes are made even though there is a lack of qualified help. Ex-Quest employee in Burlington, North Carolina. The superviser didn't know what she doing and didn't really care about her "phlebs". I reported the wait times honestly and she reprimanded for taking to long and that I was suppose to get people in and out in 20 minutes. How is that possible when you have to work alone?

I ended up getting fired because I was suppose to be insuborant. All I did was voice my opinion on something she decided on ruining 4 employees morale. I worked for the the Schwaumberg division. I have been working at Quest for 3 years and it is the toughest job that I have ever worked.

There is such a huge turnover that the remaining employees have to take up the slack by working lots of over time.

The specimen processors work the grave yard shift and with overtime some of us start work at 6: The work is never, ever done! You lose contact with your family and friends because you are extremely tired when you finally get to go home. Like someone in Quest diagnostics employee handbook posting mentioned, if you refuse to do overtime, you are looked down on or are made to feel guilty.

If you are single and need a job to pay your bills, or want to learn a new skill, Quest is a great place to start. They offer Average pay, k, and other benefits. J in Nesconset, New York. Quest is a Quest diagnostics employee handbook to have a job, not a career. Some departments have a mandatory 2 hour OT that you're expected to stay for if needed, and if you Quest diagnostics employee handbook decide to leave after your 2HR OT is up the supervisors will still try to make you feel guilty.

Lots of OT seems to be a common theme throughout this company and it's certainly true of where I work on Long Island.

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