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Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations


March "Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations," to July 14th, This is heavily BDSM, with stress on sadism. If you enter a sexual relationship with any of these elements, set up a safe word. An hour after being roped to the bedposts, her body began to ache.

Her throat burned from lack of water, her constant screaming taking its toll. The muscles in her stomach were sore from clenching, Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations result of being brought to the brink of orgasm countless times. She shivered and mewled into the gag. He reached forward again but she sunk her hips into the mattress, her eyes Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations. She was so sensitive.

He reached forward and grasped her little waist in his hands, dragging her hips to him. The simple action overwhelmed her and she shook violently.

He smirked, edging nearer and nearer to his target. The ropes around her ankles protested, digging into her to hold her legs to the bedposts. Her slit spread for him and she threw her head back and whined, groaning as her knees inched closer to her hips. He grabbed a piece of rope from the bedside and tied a firm knot around her knee, dragging it under the bed to do the same to the other.

Its shortness pulled her even further apart. It strained her thighs and forced her knees into the mattress. She breathed heavily, feeling vulnerable and exposed. She watched him with wide eyes as he reached into the box next to him. He held two alligator clamps in his Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations, pinching them with great pressure so they snapped angrily.

Her body twisted at the sight and he smiled widely. The ropes dug into her again as she tried Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations raise her torso up and away from him. She grunted as his pelvis rocked against her slick sex. You can handle it. Shifting back into his original position, he returned to the clamps. She immediately steadied herself, calming her shallow Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations and wanting to be good for him.

His head lowered to her chest. Her nipple hardened as his breath fanned over it.

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She shrieked as his teeth bit into it. His hands slid up her slick, shining torso to cup her globes, pushing them together and squeezing them into firm, red circles. She felt herself dripping onto the sheets. Her juices slid Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations her cunt and gathered around her anus.

The clamps heightened her sensitivity and she bit into her gag as their needle-like bite pinched her nipples. She closed her eyes as she tried to control the feeling but he was already moving lower.

He had been studying the pool of arousal between her legs and decided to work her up again. He Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations her body was ready now, having rested briefly. He skimmed her lips with two fingers pressed together, rubbing against her heat. She had lubricated herself quite nicely. She Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations slightly, her eyes rolling back at the burn.

His thumb ventured up and down her slit, occasionally bumping her little clit. She began Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations grind her hips into his hand, closing her eyes in bliss.

He withdrew without warning, leaving her aching and empty. Her eyes shot open in time to catch him licking his fingers. He lowered his face between her burning thighs, lightly kissing the area around his target to raise Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations anticipation. His tongue flattened against Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations and he quickly lapped up her juices. Her cunt was soft against his mouth as he run his tongue along her slick inner lips.

His breath was hot against her as he clamped his lips around her clit and drew the little bud into his mouth, his teeth lightly closing around it. Her eyes drifted back again and she rolled her hips, pulling against her restraints to try once again to loosen her binds.

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She wanted so badly to cum, "Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations" be able to wrap her legs around him as he finally took her. He removed her gag and his knees straddled her head, sinking into the bed as he tilted his pelvis Sinister 1dsexualfrustrations her for the third time that night. Her mouth opened automatically as the red, swollen head of his cock tapped her lips. He rubbed his cock across them, coating them with his precum.

His fingers intertwined in her matted hair as he slipped steadily into her mouth. He was thick and heavy against her tongue.