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Muslim girls having sex


Muslim women are painted as sexually oppressed beings who sit at home twiddling their thumbs all day, fearful of the world.


Many of these women are having sex, drinking alcohol and smoking. Many coffee shops now serve wine in teapots so that young women are not shamed in public.

Many of our sisters, daughters and girlfriends are living double lives, torn between cultures and faiths. These are intelligent, outgoing, fun-loving young women who want Muslim girls having sex explore the other cultures they have been exposed to. Indeed, young people should be encouraged to explore and forge their own identities. As a Somali Muslim myself, I was brought up in a fairly liberal home, but only to certain level: My mother was considered a very liberal person in the Somali community.

She dressed however she wished from her teens till late 30s, and had her own career and money. Although she later became very religious, she never imposed her religious practices on my sister and myself.

My father was also very liberal: He had a very strong bond with both of his daughters. It was my dad who taught us about the oppression of women. I remember him encouraging Muslim girls having sex sister and me to watch movies about violence against women and girls. He bought us our western clothes, took us to our appointments at the hairdresser, took us shopping in record shops and even drove us to concerts.

For my parents, it was important all their children finished university and to become financially independent.

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