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Felipe ii de francia homosexual parenting


Henryk WalezyLithuanian: During his brief rule, he signed the Henrician Articles into law, recognizing the Polish nobility 's right to freely elect their monarch.

France was at the time plagued by the Wars of Religionand Henry's authority was undermined by violent political parties funded by foreign powers: Henry III was himself a politiquearguing that a strong and religiously tolerant monarchy would save France from collapse.

After the death of Henry's younger brother Francis, Duke of Anjouand when it became apparent that Henry would not produce an heir, the Wars of Religion developed into a succession crisis, the War of the Three Henrys.

He was his mother's favourite; she called him chers yeux "precious eyes" and lavished fondness and affection upon him for most of his life. His elder brother, Charles, grew to detest him, partially because he resented his better health. Although he was both fond of fencing and skilled in it, he preferred to indulge his tastes for the arts and reading. These predilections were attributed to his Italian mother.

At one point in his youth he showed a tendency towards Protestantism as a means of rebelling. At the age of nine, calling himself "a little Huguenot", he refused to attend Masssang Protestant psalms to his sister Margaret exhorting her all the while to change her religion and cast her Book of Hours into the fireand even bit the nose off a statue of Saint Paul.

His mother firmly cautioned her children against such behaviour, and he would never again show any Protestant tendencies. Instead, he became nominally Roman Catholic. Reports that Henry engaged in same-sex relations with his court favourites, known as the "Felipe ii de francia homosexual parenting"[4] [5] date back to his own time.

Certainly he enjoyed intense relationships with them. Jean-Francois Solnon, [8] Nicolas Le Roux, [9] and Jacqueline Boucher [10] have noted that Henry had many famous mistresses, that he was well known for his taste in beautiful women, and that no male sex partners have been identified.

They have concluded that the idea he was homosexual was promoted by his political opponents both Protestant and Catholic who used his dislike of war and hunting to depict him as effeminate and undermine his reputation with the French people. And the portrait of a self-indulgent sodomite, incapable of fathering an heir to the throne, proved useful in efforts by the Catholic League to secure the succession for Cardinal Charles de Bourbon after Gary Ferguson found their interpretations unconvincing: Elizabeth, almost 37, was expected by many parties Felipe ii de francia homosexual parenting her country to marry and produce an heir.

However, nothing came of these discussions. In initiating them, Elizabeth is viewed by historians as having intended only to arouse the concern of Spain, rather than contemplate marriage Felipe ii de francia homosexual parenting. The chance of marriage was further blighted by differing religious views Henry was Catholic, Elizabeth Protestant and his opinion of Elizabeth.

Henry tactlessly referred to Elizabeth as a putain publique public whore and made stinging remarks about their difference in age. Upon hearing inaccurately that she limped because of a varicose veinhe called her an "old creature with a sore leg".

Prior to ascending the French throne inHenry Felipe ii de francia homosexual parenting as a leader of the royal army in the French Wars of Religiontaking part in the victories over Huguenots at the Battle of Jarnac March and at the Battle of Moncontour October While still Duke of Anjou, he helped plot the St.

Bartholomew's Day Massacre Felipe ii de francia homosexual parenting Though Henry did not participate directly, historian Thierry Wanegffelen sees him as the royal most responsible for the massacre, which involved the targeted killing of many key Huguenot leaders. At the end of MayHenry learned that the Polish szlachta had elected him King of Poland a country with a large Protestant minority at the time and political considerations forced him to negotiate an end to the assault.

Negotiators reached an agreement on 24 Juneand Catholic troops ended the siege on 6 July Following the death of the Polish ruler Sigismund II Augustus on 7 JulyJean de Monluc was sent as the French envoy to Poland to negotiate the election of Henry to Polish throne in exchange for military support against Russia, diplomatic assistance in dealing with the Ottoman Empireand financial subsidies.

The Lithuanian nobles boycotted this election, however, and it was left to the Lithuanian ducal council to confirm his election.

Henry left the siege following their visit. At a ceremony before the Parlement of Paris on 13 September, the Polish delegation handed over the "certificate of election to the throne of Poland-Lithuania".

Francis II was a King...

It was not until January that Henry was to reach the borders of Poland. The short reign of Henry at Wawel Castle in Poland was marked by a clash of cultures between the Polish and the French.

The young "Felipe ii de francia homosexual parenting" and his followers were astonished by several Polish practices and disappointed by the rural poverty and harsh climate of the country. In many aspects, Polish culture had a positive influence on France. At Wawel, the French were introduced to new technologies of septic facilities, in which litter excrement was taken outside the castle walls.

Michaelwhich had lost much of its original prestige by being awarded too frequently and too readily. The Order would retain its prestige as the premier chivalric order of France until the end of the French monarchy. Henry was crowned king of France on 13 February at Reims Cathedral.

Although he was expected to produce an heir after he married Louise of Lorraine on 14 Februaryno issue resulted from their union. InHenry signed the Edict of Beaulieuwhich granted many concessions to the Huguenots. After much posturing and negotiations, Henry was forced to rescind most of the concessions that had been made to the Protestants in the edict.

Inthe King's youngest brother and heir presumptiveFrancis, Duke of Anjoudied. On 12 Maywhen the Felipe ii de francia homosexual parenting of Guise entered Paris, an apparently spontaneous Day of the Barricades erupted in favor of the Catholic champion. Henry III fled the city. Following the defeat of the Spanish Armada that summer, the king's fear of Spanish support for the Catholic League apparently waned.

The duke was told that the king wished to see him in the private room adjoining the royal bedroom. There, royal guardsmen murdered the duke, then the cardinal.

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