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Guys dressed up as nuns sexual misconduct


For at least eight years, victims of child molesting nuns and members of SNAP have repeatedly urged America's largest organization of nuns to expose the truth about child sex crimes and cover ups by women religious. Now more than ever, since they're being attacked by bishops like we have been and are beingnuns should be Guys dressed up as nuns sexual misconduct to our plight.

It grieves us to have to keep prodding them to take long-overdue, simple steps to protect the vulnerable and heal the wounded. But how can we do otherwise? We write you with great sadness and reluctance. Each of you, like most of your colleagues, has done a poor job of dealing with child sex abuse and cover up.

Still, each of you have a chance to prod US nuns to do a better job in this regard. For the sake of prevention, healing, openness and justice, we hope you seize this opportunity. We have little faith in "internal" church "investigations" and reports on clergy sex crimes and cover ups. Still, something is often better than nothing. Right now, there's very little known about child sex crimes and cover ups by nuns.

No one's apparently trying to learn more. We suspect that fewer nuns molest than priests. Research suggests that more men are sexual predators. And regardless of the rates or percentages of abuse, two other facts are important.

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First, there are more nuns than priests. Ultimately, however, the numbers or percentages are not especially relevant.

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If there are or 4, or 40, adults who were victimized by nuns in this country, every single one of them deserves help. And if there are 4 or 40 or children who may be victimized in the future by nuns in this country, they need protection. Again, we take this step with great sadness and reluctance. But our concern — for the vulnerable and the wounded — and our inability to get the LCWR to be more pro-active, leave us with few other options. Click Guys dressed up as nuns sexual misconduct to download a.

Her dying was sudden and completely unexpected.

Guys dressed up as nuns sexual misconduct Words cannot express our sorrow nor are there words to express our gratitude for her relentless advocacy. She truly was a hero. Barbara made history and the world is a better place.

We have put together a tribute for Barbara Blaine to honor her memory. Write a letter to the attorney general of your state.

Demand, request, and beg them to impanel a grand jury. In addition, write letters to the editor, make phone calls to politicians as they can apply pressure to keep them responsive to our demand.