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Sexual hyperactivity


This cross-sectional study interviewed low-income women aged 18—30 years. Risky sexual behaviors included sex before 15 years of age, risky sex partners in lifetime, number of sex Sexual hyperactivity in the last 12 months, condom use in the last 12 months, alcohol use before sex in the last 12 months, traded sex in lifetime, and diagnosed with sexually transmitted infection STI in lifetime.

Mean ADHD symptom score was Using unadjusted odds ratios ORwomen who endorsed more ADHD symptoms reported engaging in more risky sexual behaviors of all types. We observed some differences in risky sexual behavior between two domains of ADHD. The ADHD symptom score appears to be associated with some risky sexual behaviors and deserves further attention. A brief ADHD screening can identify this high-risk group for timely evaluation and safe sex counseling.

A ttention Sexual hyperactivity hyperactivity disorder ADHD is Sexual hyperactivity to affect a small but significant proportion of children. It also affects a significant proportion of adults: An additional adverse outcome associated with ADHD may be poor sexual health.

Limited data are available describing the Sexual hyperactivity between this disorder and sexual health in adults, as the majority of research has focused on young children's behaviors or outcomes. One study reported that men who had childhood ADHD were more likely than men without ADHD to report casual sex, infrequent condom use, and multiple sex partners.

This study includes a sample of nonpregnant women 18—30 years of age from family planning clinics in southeast Texas between December 1,and November 30, These clinics predominantly serve women who live in small towns and have lower educational backgrounds, with lower average incomes.

At recruitment, bilingual trained research coordinators explained the study purpose and obtained informed Sexual hyperactivity and written consent. All study materials were available in English or Spanish. A total of eligible women were interviewed at baseline, and answered all questions related to ADHD symptoms.

Hypersexuality is a clinical diagnosis...

The 18 items can be summed to produce a full scale; the score can range from 0 to Participants were also asked how many different male sex partners they had in the past 12 months. In addition, participants were asked how often they used condoms in the past Sexual hyperactivity months and had sexual intercourse under the influence of alcohol in the past 12 months. Having a risky sex partner was defined as ever having a male partner who satisfied any one of the following five criteria: Further, the participants were asked to report whether they had ever traded sex and whether they had ever been diagnosed with an STI, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, human papillomavirus HPVsyphilis, "Sexual hyperactivity" warts, genital herpes simplex, or HIV.

Initial univariate analyses were conducted to describe the sample characteristics. Risky sexual behavior was categorized based on common cutoff points used in other studies. Because of a small per unit change in the symptom score in logistic Sexual hyperactivity, we further divided the ADHD symptom score Sexual hyperactivity 5. Thus, the odds ratios ORs in the ensuing logistic regression indicated each odds reflecting per 5 unit change of the symptom score.

All analyses were performed using SAS version 9. The sociodemographic characteristics of our sample are shown in Table 1. The mean ADHD symptom score was One in six Few participants had ever traded sex 2. The mean number of risky sexual behavior Sexual hyperactivity index that our participants were engaged in was 1.

Significantly higher mean ADHD symptom scores were observed among women with every risky sexual behavior except for those who practiced inconsistent condom use in the last 12 months and had ever traded sex Table 3.

Unadjusted ORs revealed that women with higher ADHD symptom scores were more likely to engage in various risky sexual behaviors Table 4. Figure 1 shows that the ADHD symptom score was highest among white women and lowest among Hispanic women, and the same pattern was observed for the summary index for risky sexual behavior. This is consistent with Sexual hyperactivity reported associations between Sexual hyperactivity and high-risk sexual behavior that were conducted on males.

To our knowledge, this is the first study addressing a wide range of risky sexual behaviors. Previous studies either were based on selective clinical samples or focused on Sexual hyperactivity narrow range of risky sexual behaviors.

A higher ADHD symptom score also predicted having multiple sex partners in the last 12 months, suggesting that women with elevated levels of ADHD symptom score may have greater difficulty maintaining long-term, stable relationships. This supports results from previous studies showing higher rates of divorce and separation among women with ADHD.

Recent studies have linked attention-deficit/hyperactivity...

The null relationship between condom use and ADHD symptom score appears to reflect a complex phenomenon of condom use in young women. The significant relationship between consuming alcohol before sex and ADHD symptom score in the attentive domain is a concern. Alcohol Sexual hyperactivity before sex may impair one's ability to make sound judgments because of mood elevation and reduction of inhibition about sexual behaviors, leading to an increased likelihood of engaging in risky sexual behaviors.

It is well known Sexual hyperactivity impulsivity is an integral part of ADHD, and people with impulse control problems frequently suffer from deficits in their self-regulatory behavioral systems.

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