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Arq validating s3 backup data


For everyone else, go look at the exploding sperm whale.

My wife recently sold her old MacBook Pro to a student, and in one of those moments of profound embarrassment, the internal hard drive died not two weeks later. In a quest for more space and a faster drive, my wife had swapped out the original rpm drive with a larger rpm version. It ran hot and loud, and we suspect it was the heat that killed it. So that ended well. She had a backup, right? Still — no backup? For a Arq validating s3 backup data triple-backup freak like me, this was akin to hearing about a skydiver who jumped out of a plane without a parachute.

Hard drives fail, period.

@arqbackup. Back up your Mac...

The only question is how long it takes. I also back up to the cloud, in case the external drives are simultaneously destroyed. The servers are low-energy, designed not to run constantly but rather to rest when not under active usage. If you want to download your data faster, then you pay a higher fee for it.

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