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Prince eze madumere wife sexual dysfunction


At the conclusion of his programme in IMSU, he still made out time for exchanges with his course mates. Obviously enveloped in a high-staked status, giving opportunities that determine much and empower to inebriation, somehow he still manages self-composure, which is dependent not on any institution or position rather on an innate composition, selfless in standing!

He could have been something else but the state Deputy Governor. Yet as destiny would have it, today he is the Deputy Governor! What characterizes the motive behind most of his actions is still shrouded in mystery.

More often a time, many think he embarks on risky gambles that in the process may hurt him, including close associates. Though pains of most of the decisions he takes may persist, Madumere retreats not! Marching forward like one who understands the language of the spirits. A shouting contrast to a perceived leadership norm obtainable on this part of the world; Prince eze madumere wife sexual dysfunction typical Madumere style of leadership discharge, showcasing contemporary leadership!

Clearly and narratively serving the much needed leadership recipe to the Imo people.

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