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Audrey hollander bio


November 04, Alexandria, Virginia Height: She met her future husband Otto Bauer on January 1, ; she Audrey hollander bio on vacation in Florida with some friends to see a Phish concert, while he had flown down from New York City Audrey hollander bio a mission away from the snow, sand, rain and cold and a New York Jets defeat.

They stayed in Florida for a week; she immediately afterwards moved to New York City to be with him. Shortly after her arrival in New York, the two of them were at a bar in Greenwich Village having an evening out when one of Bauer's friends asked him if he was still appearing in porn films. She was enthusiastic about the idea of appearing on film. They proceeded to put a static video camera in their bedroom to film their sex scenes; afterwards she would study them to critique what occurred.

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They had shot " or " scenes together by the time Hollander formally started in the industry. Her first film was a Dirty Debutantes film with Ed Powers. As of mid, she has appeared in over productions, and is credited as co-director for the "Otto and Audrey Destroy the World" series of films. Hollander and Bauer created their own extreme porn production called "Supercore" distributed by Mach2 Entertainment.

She stated in a July interview that she has never done a scene that did not involve anal Audrey hollander bio furthermore, "in the past year every anal scene that I've done, I've done double anal. Twisted factory site offers an insite to the bound up nature this fiery red head will take on to please her fans. Her clothes are torn from her body and her tits are double clamped.

A huge butt plug fills her and she is flogged mercilessly by Otto. He plans on Audrey hollander bio Audrey work for her orgasms today! In a severe back-bend position Audrey hollander bio tries to suck cock. Her pussy is whipped and she is fucked until she cums.

Otto decides to stretch this redhead's asshole as much as possible. He begins with his cock, then he adds a couple of candles and ends with his fist.

Audrey screams from the intense climax that is thrust upon her and begs for her Master's cum. In doggy, weights are added to the nipple clamps and Audrey is used a fuckdoll: When Audrey "Audrey hollander bio" in the Twisted Factory only one thing is certain Audrey Hollander may be the "IT" girl of vanilla porn but Audrey hollander bio she handle being one of Chanta's Bitches? The answer is yes, but she has to work harder for it than any normal pornstar. From flogging to huge buttplugs, caning to face sitting, forced orgasms to ass hooks and tight rope to anal fisting Audrey takes it all, thanking Chanta as she pushes the boundaries of lesbian domination.

Cane lines mark her ass, teeth indentations line her pussy lips and a smile is on her face as Audrey is taken where she has never been before Audrey Hollander is known for her energy and raw sex appeal.

Audrey Hollander was born November...

This Audrey hollander bio next door likes to get rough and dirty with her sex and even has the AVN award to prove it female performer of the year but she has never been tied up like this before Stripped, flogged and gagged with a huge buttplug in her ass Otto pushes harder and harder.

Deep throating while in a tight strapado, loads of anal fucking and even a double penetration and double anal while in partial pile driver makes this a xxx video not to be missed. Seriously rough bondage sex would be an understatement. The following fans commented on this as her latest cyber undertaking: He can fuck you on a daily basis which I cannot.

But watching your great scenes with the rawest and kinkiest sex scenes at least twice a day makes me cum again and again. Thanks you so much! Keep up the great Audrey hollander bio. I would cum on the spot if I met you!

So glad you are on these super sites. November started her porn career. I love you Otto. She also loves her fans.

Audrey Hollander Biography from official...

And we love her. Everybody say triple anal. If you want to enjoy some dirty talk, read on for my conversation with the Amazing Audrey Hollander. I usually talk to Otto on e-mail. So he does most of the scheduling. And you get to have a cock up your ass. Well he has his tough stuff. Maybe not taking a cock up the ass, but some things he does can be difficult too. But our situation works out well. You guys make such a great looking couple. Why do you think everyone thinks you are both foreigners?

Otto, sounds like he is from Germany. So no one would ever think that you were "Audrey hollander bio" and raised in Kentucky. Where is your Kentucky accent? I worked Audrey hollander bio hard to get rid of it. People there found it very endearing, but I felt I sounded like the stereo-typical dumb southern girl. So I try very hard to pronounce all the letters and speak well.

With as much traveling as we have done, I think I have lost it all, unless I am tired or I have a glass of wine or two, then it starts to come back out.

If I go back to Kentucky and get around my family it comes back too.