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Mens vitamins for sexual health


Vitamins and minerals are one of the most popular supplements to maintain health and prevent disease Mens vitamins for sexual health increase overall health. Not a lot of people really know what vitamins supplements actually do. Vitamins and minerals are used in systems all over the body. Everywhere from your cardiovascular to your nervous system.

Turns out, vitamins can do more than just ward off the common cold. Much of the evidence shows high rates of vitamin D deficiency in patients with erectile dysfunction. Between —, one-third of the US population had insufficient amounts of vitamin Daccording to the Institute of Medicine. A 3oz serving of salmon contains about IU, while an 8oz.

Erection are a surprisingly complex process with a lot of moving parts and chemical reactions. And you need L-arginine to make it. NO is responsible for relaxing the smooth muscle lining of blood vessels in your penis to encourage increased blood flow to the penis. Thanks to this process, your penis can contain up to 6x the normal amount of blood flow and you achieve an erection. Nitric oxide is made internally from L-arginine, which is an amino acid found in red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products.

In other words, L-arginine is the building block for nitric oxide, which is essential for erections.

A lack of one can lead to a lack of the other. Studies have shown that when you take L-arginine in oral form, your body breaks it down too quickly.

L-citrulline supplements are a better way to replace L-arginine than direct supplements. Vitamin B3 or niacin if you prefer is a commonly used supplement and medication for vascular conditions.

You might even recognize it from the recommended daily allowances on your box of Captain Crunch.

L-arginine: The Chemical Behind Erections

A study of men with moderate or severe erectile dysfunction divided the group in two—80 men were given niacin supplements, and 80 a placebo. Folic acid vitamin B9 is also linked to nitric oxide production and the erectile response. Studies from China and Turkey both show a high correlation between folate deficiency and erectile deficiency. Taking a B complex supplement could raise your B9 levels, or Mens vitamins for sexual health can eat more spinach and drink milk and orange juice.

Just ask your doc at your next checkup. Ascorbic acid has direct Mens vitamins for sexual health on the bioactivity of NO, and augments NO production in a variety of body processes. The effects are actually synergistic with Vitamin E. Both vitamins are not usually measured, and a reasonable dose of Vitamin C is to 1, mg daily.

Sexy Supplements: The Vitamins that...

Vitamins are big business for a reason. Your body uses a series of complex vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for everything from neural connectivity to erections. Not enough info for you?

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